Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Annual Report

For this brief I was asked to design an annual report for The Ramblers' Association walking charity. I choose to design it as a calender to make it more appealing to the viewer and to give them something they will keep and look at for longer. I got 58% a 2:2.


For this brief we had to design a map of anything of our choice. I choose to do a map of my favourite things in life, using my favourite shapes and colours. The first image is the front page were each diagram is a seperate category and different version of the diagram. The second image in the enlarged version on the back! I got 58%, a 2:2.

GYO Packaging

This was a packaging/re-branding brief for Homebases 'Grow your own' range. I aimed to attract a new audience of families with kids and made the packaging look more appealing, fun and easy to do. I got 58%.

Book Jackets

For this uni brief we had to design the cover for a non fiction book called ' A bit of earth' by Rebecca Smith. These are my designs, I done a hardback and a paperback version.

For this uni brief we had to design book jackets for 'A very short introduction series' in which there are over 200 copies. These are my final designs. I was happy with then and got 65% which made me even more happy :)