Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ok so today I handed in my 3rd project and it was quite a relief to get it over and done with even though I am now stressing about what mark I will get! However it is almost time to go home for xmas which I am looking foward to and it will be very nice as I havent been home in agesssss!

I would really like people to comment on my design work. Good or bad both are appreciated! :)
Event Poster

Below is my event poster for my most recent Uni project. We had to design a poster for a choosen event and design in a such a way that it would attract new customers aswell as exiting customers to the event. I choose The Rat Race Urban Adventure which is an adventure race throughout various cities. My concept was to aim it not at competitors but to make people aware that there are other ways in which they can also be part of the day!

The next part of this project was to design a direct mail item. I designed an information pack to promote the Rat Race and ways in which everyone can become involved.